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    Welcome to CasteraCorp Inc…

    From New York to Florida, our purpose is to provide clients and customers attentive care with their Real Estate Investment needs. We provide absolutely no loss to our Investors investments. CasteraCorp Inc is a Real Estate Investment corp with a successful history specializing in long term and short term investments.

    Our Investors investments are totally secured and will never suffer a loss.

    LONG TERM INVESTMENTS                                                       SHORT TERM INVESTMENTS

    50/50 SPLIT WITH INVESTORS                                                  FOREIGN INVESTORS WELCOME


    Past Investments that have made our Investors very happy...


    2 Andrews Avenue, Roosevelt, NY

    4 Andrews Avenue, Roosevelt, NY

    2 Moore Avenue, Freeport, NY

    2 Madison Avenue, Roosevelt, NY

    3 Stevens Street, Roosevelt, NY

    4 Park Lane, Middle Island, NY

    4 Gores Drive, Mastic, NY

    6 Wallace Court, Huntington, NY

    6 Church Street, Roslyn Heights, NY

    7 Brooks Avenue, Roosevelt, NY

    7 Pine Road, Middle Island, NY

    7 Ross Avenue, Bay Shore, NY

    7 Seafood Road, Mastic Beach, NY

    8 Clinton Place, Mastic Beach, NY

    11 Hamilton Avenue, Brentwood, NY

    11 Center Avenue, Bay Shore, NY

    12 Gombert Place, Roosevelt, NY

    14 Irving Place, Roosevelt, NY

    14 Rhodes Avenue, Bay Shore, NY

    15 Federal Lane, Coram, NY

    15 E. Maple Street, C. Islip, NY

    15 Collidge Place, Freeport, NY

    15 Clover Street, Mastic, NY

    15 Park Place, Roosevelt, NY

    15 Pineview Blvd., C. Islip, NY

    17 Roquette Avenue, Elmont, NY

    17 Flicker Drive, Middle Island, NY

    18 Metzner Road, Lake Ronkonkoma, NY

    18 Foster Place, Hempstead, NY

    19 Union Place, Roosevelt, NY

    19 Robinwood Drive, Mastic Beach, NY

    20 20th Avenue, Bay Shore, NY

    21 Albermarle Avenue, Hempstead, NY

    23 Quail Drive, Brentwood, NY

    23 Gray Avenue, Medford, NY

    24 Fordham Street, Patchogue, NY

    24 Tamarac Street, C. Islip, NY

    24 Park Place, Roosevelt, NY

    24 Anne Lane, C. Islip, NY

    25 Bonnybill Drive, Centereach, NY

    25 Gores Drive, Mastic, NY

    25 Elm Street, Roosevelt, NY

    26 Spruce Street, Brentwood, NY

    26 Floyed Road N., Shirley, NY

    26 Surrey Lane, Levittown, NY

    28 Marie Lane, C. Islip, NY

    29 Carnegie Avenue, Elmont, NY

    29 Main Street, Mastic, NY

    29 Dodworth Street, Brooklyn, NY

    29 Muriel Street, Freeport, NY

    30 Pinedale Avenue, Farmingville, NY

    31 Tarkill Road, Ridge, NY

    32 Cherokee Trail, Ridge, NY

    33 Willow Street, C. Islip, NY

    33 West Clinton Avenue, Roosevelt, NY

    40 Broadway, Shirley, NY

    40 Arbutus Lane, Coram, NY

    40 Helmig Street, Brentwood, NY

    42 E. Sunrise Hwy., Freeport, NY

    43 Ridgewood Avenue, Brentwood, NY

    43 Lincoln Avenue, Roosevelt, NY

    44 Dogwood Road, Mastic Beach, NY

    44 Horace Avenue, Roosevelt, NY

    45 Lillian Avenue, Freeport, NY

    46 Washington Avenue, Deer Park, NY

    48 Connecticut Avenue, Bay Shore, NY

    48 Park Avenue, Roosevelt, NY

    49 June Street, Lindenhurst, NY

    49 Colonial Avenue, Freeport, NY

    49 Pelham Avenue, Brentwood, NY

    49 Academy Street, Patchogue, NY

    49 Lillian Avenue, Freeport, NY

    55 Orleans Green, Coram, NY

    55 Applegate Drive, Mastic, NY

    56 Roquette Avenue, Elmont, NY

    57 Williams Street, Roosevelt, NY

    58 Nottingham Avenue, Patchogue, NY

    58 Park Avenue, Merrick, NY

    61 Staples Street, Kingston, NY

    64 Harts Avenue, Roosevelt, NY

    65 Harvard Street, Hempstead, NY

    65 Lincoln Blvd., Long Beach, NY

    67 Lillian Avenue, Freeport, NY

    69 8th Street, Huntington Station, NY

    70 Carlton Drive, E. Shirley, NY

    72 E. Lakeland Avenue, Bay Shore, NY

    74 Gormley Avenue, Roosevelt, NY

    75 Milford Street, Brooklyn, NY

    79 St. Peters Drive, Brentwood, NY

    79 N. Evergreen Avenue, Selden, NY

    79 Stuyvesant Avenue, Mastic, NY

    82 Cornelia Street, Brooklyn, NY

    88 Wood Avenue, Mastic, NY

    83 Debevoise Avenue, Roosevelt, NY

    85 Mastic Blvd., Mastic, NY

    86 Woodland Drive, Mastic Beach, NY

    88 Biltmore Drive, Mastic, NY

    88 Lakeview Avenue, Freeport, NY

    90 Omond Street, Hempstead, NY

    91 Somerset Avenue, Mastic, NY

    92 Elmondorf Street, Kingston, NY

    93 Argle Drive W., Shirley, NY

    94 Second Avenue, Bay Shore, NY

    95 Louis Avenue, Elmont, NY

    98A Gates Avenue, C. Islip, NY

    99 Stevens Street, Freeport, NY

    99 E. Pennywood Avenue, Roosevelt, NY

    99 James LL Burrell Avenue, Hempstead, NY

    105 Highland Avenue, Patchogue, NY

    105 Stevens St, Freeport, NY

    107 Kopf Street, Brentwood, NY

    107 Halsey Street, Brooklyn, NY


    108 N. Grove Street, Freeport, NY

    109 Dartmouth Street, Hempstead, NY

    115 Dickman Street, Brentwood, NY

    118 W. Plum Street, Brentwood, NY

    119 Colonial Avenue, Freeport, NY

    121 Rugby Drive, Shirley, NY

    122 Mayfield Drive, Mastic, NY

    123 Jay Street, Freeport, NY

    128 Bernstein Blvd., Center Moriches, NY

    130 N. Clinton Avenue, Bay Shore, NY

    130 Dawn Road, Rocky Point, NY

    131 Laurelton Drive, Mastic Beach, NY

    131 Independence Avenue, Freeport, NY

    135 Independence Avenue, Freeport, NY

    137 Longfellow Drive, Mastic Beach, NY

    139 Stewart Avenue, Hempstead, NY

    139 S. Haven Avenue, Mastic, NY

    139 Sioux Street, Ronkonkoma, NY

    144 Hill Crescent, Calverton, NY

    149 Elmwood Avenue, Roosevelt, NY

    150 Church Street, Freeport, NY

    150 East 46th Street, Manhattan, NY

    151 Harris Street, Freeport, NY

    153 Birs Avenue, Lindenhurst, NY

    153 Southhaven Avenue, Mastic Beach, NY

    154 Bartlett Road West, Medford, NY

    156 Martin Avenue, Hempstead, NY

    157 S. Haven Avenue, Mastic, NY

    160 Merrill Street, Brentwood, NY

    164 Feller Drive, C. Islip, NY

    165 Loring Road, Levittown, NY

    168 Grand Blvd., Brentwood, NY

    181 Park Drive, Mastic Beach, NY

    184 Front Street, Brentwood, NY

    185 Broadway, Shirley, NY

    186 St. Johns Street, C. Islip, NY

    186 Howard Avenue, Roosevelt, NY

    188 Hill Circle Street, Calverton, NY

    195 Colonial Avenue, Freeport, NY

    199 Nassau Road, Roosevelt, NY

    226 Wavecrest Drive, Mastic Beach, NY

    233 Beaver Drive, Mastic Beach, NY

    234 Lincoln Avenue, Brentwood, NY

    244 East Merrick Road, Freeport, NY

    252 Debevoise Avenue, Roosevelt, NY

    257 Vanderbilt Avenue, Brentwood, NY

    261 Hampton Avenue, E. Patchogue, NY

    264 Orchid Drive, Mastic Beach, NY

    283 Park Avenue, Roosevelt, NY

    310 Eastwood Blvd., Centereach, NY

    316 Ray Avenue, Roosevelt, NY

    329 Monroe Street, Brooklyn. NY

    330 Hancock Street, Brentwood, NY

    337 N. Columbus, Freeport, NY

    340 Warwick Street, Brooklyn, NY

    375 Jamaica Avenue, Medford, NY

    379 Hasbrouk Avenue, Kingston, NY

    390 W. Forest Road, Mastic Beach, NY

    404 Babylon Tpke., Freeport, NY

    402 Blue Point Road, Farmingville, NY

    415 Brookside Avenue, Roosevelt, NY

    433 Nicoll Lane, C. Islip, NY

    433 Lenox Avenue, E. Patchogue, NY

    434 Lincoln Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

    435 Coram- Yaphank Road, Coram, NY

    436 Throop Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

    438 Auburn Avenue, Shirley, NY

    528 Linwood Street, Brooklyn, NY

    597 Halsey Street, Brooklyn, NY

    609 Provost Avenue, Bellport, NY

    615 Narragansett Avenue, Patchogue, NY

    615 47 Broadway, Amityville, NY

    636 Michigan Avenue, Bellport, NY

    638 Parsonage Place, Baldwin Harbor, NY

    672 Hendrix Street, Brooklyn, NY

    683 Crescent Street, Brooklyn, NY

    705 Prospect Road, Cuddlebackville, NY

    705 Schenck Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

    707 So. Bayview Avenue, Freeport, NY

    824 Nassau Road, Uniondale, NY

    1102 Ferndale Road, C. Islip, NY

    1178 Tremont Avenue, Bronx, NY

    1186 Greene Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

    1204 Meadowbrook Road, N. Merrick, NY

    1347 Putnam Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

    1538 Hoe Avenue, Bronx, NY

    1555 Leland Avenue, Bronx, NY

    1612 Union Blvd., Bay Shore, NY

    1643 N. Thompson Drive, Bay Shore, NY

    1812 Wells Drive, Bay Shore, NY

    1881 Voshage Street, Baldwin, NY

    2074 Washington Street, Merrick, NY

    2652 Rosebud Avenue, Merrick, NY

    2753 Decatur Avenue, Bronx, NY

    2824 Janet Avenue, Bellmore, NY







    1711 Jefferson Street, Hollywood, FL

    3845 N.W. 185th Terrace, Opa-Locka, FL

    1626 Lee Street, Hollywood, FL

    2731 Monroe Street, Hollywood, FL

    2237 Johnson Street, Hollywood, FL

    19390 Collins Ave, Sunny Isles Beach, FL

    2614 Monroe Street, Hollywood, FL

    6641 Raleigh Street, Hollywood, FL

    3060 S.W. 46th Court, Dania, FL

    609 S. Ocean Drive, Hollywood, FL

    6109 S.W. 1st Street, Margate, FL

    4944 N.W. 55th Court, Tamarac, FL

    7002 N.W. 92nd Terrace, Tamarac, FL

    345 Monroe Street, Hollywood, FL

    3393 Celebration Lane, Margate, FL

    2711 Adams Street, Hollywood, FL

    3015 N. 57th Drive, Hollywood, FL

    6367 S.W. 1st Street, Margate, FL

    22157 S.W. 62nd Court, Boca Raton, FL

    The DECO Hotel, Hollywood, FL.

    The WAVELAND Motel, Hollywood, FL.

    SUNCRUZ INN, Hollywood, Fl.